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Myoskeletal AlignmentMyofascal Relaese

Myofascal Relaese, MR,
uses sustained three dimensional pressure and movement to eliminate fascial restrictions and facilitate the restoration of this tissues normal free flowing state.

But what is Fascia?


Fascia is a type of thin, strong, fibrous connective tissue that makes up the largest system of the body and it surrounds every muscle, bone, organ and cell. It is arranged in a web-like structure and provides support, protection and aides in movement. Dr. Janet Travell first used the term Myofascial in the 1940's in reference to problems in the musculoskeletal system that generated pain called trigger points. Debra's training in MR is always continuing as this technique continues to develop and advance.


Healthy myofacial tissue is soft, relaxed, almost liquid and it moves freely without restricting or binding of the tissue it surrounds. However, injuries, inflammation, dehydration,whiplash, over training, bad postureand other traumas and actions of daily life can cause the Myofascial tissue to become more ridge and less fluid. When this decrease in fluidity occurs knots or adhesions can develop in the Myofascia. These "stcking points" can cause a decrease in the range of motion, in addition to areas of defuse and/or localized pain.

In addition to physical injury, emotional trauma and stress can also contribute to Myofascial thickening and lose of fluidity. In short, the loss of Myofascial flexibility can cause increased pressure on muscles, nerves and organs and lead to chronic pain.


Myoskeletal Alignment Technique and Myofascial Relaease are effective therapeutic approaches in relieving a wide range of issues including but not limited to back and cervical pain, headaches fibromyalgia, scoliosis,decreased range of motion.


Debra uses her training in MR to locate Myofascially bound areas and then gently release them and restore balance to the body.