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Evanston, IL 60201

Inner Advantage Massage LLC

Debra Ann Christensen
Licensed Massage Therapist, MS, AMTA, NCTMB



“Your wellness is everything”



Massage encompasses a large variety of hands on therapies and modalities that are used on the soft tissue of the body. These therapies:



· relax overly tense and stressed muscles
· rebalance nerves and muscles
· alleviate migraine/headache pain
· allow muscles to recover more quickly from
· improves circulation
· improves ease of breathing and recovery



Every person is a unique individual whose wellness needs and goals, like life, change on a daily basis. Debra will focus on you and customize each session specifically to fit your needs. Each session will incorporate a combination of modalities and techniques to ensure that you receive the best in therapeutic massage every time.


Debra will also, with your permission, work with your personal trainer, doctor or physical therapist to help design the best of all-around session program for you.